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Additive Supplements

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Nowadays, as the science has progressed, there’s been many different additives for engines, gas, motor oil and……… which in general improve the efficiency of the engine and add to its lifespan. It can be said that the motor oil supplement is a kind of chemical compound that increases the lubrication power of the engine oil in the whole system (engine). Typically, most engine oil manufacturers use engine oil supplements to improve the performance of engine oil in their products. Depending on the type of motor, the engine oil is different. For example, diesel engines are of the same type, and other types of petrol engines are used to supplement the engine oil.

In the engine oil supplements, carbon nanoparticles have been used in sizes of 4 to 6 nm. These particles increase the shelf life of the oil on the metal surfaces and transfer heat from the surfaces to the oil. It also prevents the formation of hot spots, and because of its spherical shape, the particles become slippery with the sliding friction surfaces and greatly reduces the wear resistance of the surfaces between the surfaces and weakens the rings and pistons and looms The cylinder also slips down and slips away from the bearings.

Therefore, due to the above features, the need to use motor oil supplements is absolutely essential for improving engine performance, especially for modern engines with internal combustion. Without engine oil supplements, there is the possibility of contamination of the engine oil, the breakdown of the chemical structure of the engine oil, the engine oil leaking out and the lack of engine protection at high temperatures. There is also a different kind of oil supplements that is specially geared for manual gear oil, automatic gear oil and hydraulic oil, which is responsible for improving oil performance.

Some monograde engine oils or multigrade oils lose their adhesion or viscosity during a warm and high temperature season, and because of the incomplete viscosity and the main parameters of the engine oil, they are used as a supplement to the oil.

Oil supplements are thick and engine oils are tightened and also formulated in terms of additives that can optimize engine oil deficiencies and their effects.


Some of the benefits of using oil supplements include:

1- Prevention of oxidation of oil.

2- Prevent the formation of hard sediments during driving (stop or move).

3- Prevention of rust and corrosion.

4. Increase the power and performance of the engine oil.

5. Reduce exhaust emissions.

6- Fast and easy engine starter.

7. Reduce fuel consumption.


Different types of motor oil supplements:

Chemical Structure Controller Supplement:

Cleaner supplements, which date back to 1930, are used to clean and remove impurities in the engine oil. These contaminants may be due to sediment formation on the main engine parts. Magnesium sulphonate is one of these cleaning products.

Special anti-rust and anti-oxidant supplementation that delay the oxidation of the metal surface inside the engine.

The antioxidant supplement of the engine oil delays the oxidation of the engine oil. Organic amines and phenols are components of this type of engine oil supplement.

A metal deactivator that prevents the formation of a deposit by creating a film of oil on metal parts.


 Viscosity or Viscosity Supplement:

Friction reducer that prevents corrosion of metal parts in contact with each other. Molybdenum disulfide used in this type of supplement, in addition to reducing friction, significantly reduces fuel consumption.

Supplementary pressure controller that prevents metal parts from colliding in high pressures inside the engine.

An anti-corrosion supplement that fills the metal pieces together by forming a protective film around the metal part.


Contaminant Controller Supplement:

1. A dispersant supplement that prevents clogging and engine oil coagulation.

2. A supplement to prevent the production of floor (defoamants) that prevents the formation of foam and bubbles in the engine oil. This formation of the floor and the bubble reduces the strength of the lubrication and thus leads to corrosion.

3. Anti-vapor supplement that prevents the formation of steam in the engine.

The supplements that are added to the engine oil to increase its quality, or additives that help to repair metal surfaces such as gearboxes, Differential, Seal of Cylinders and ... are as follows:


Flushing Oil

In the cartel floor of the engine and even the various passageways of the oil, in the long run there are sludge that negatively affect the lubrication process and also greatly affect the quality of the oil.

Flushing oils are used to collect and remove this sludge that are seen in a variety of models. For example, some of these oils are an additive to the main oil that should be present within the engine for a few minutes, some are completely replaced as the main oil, and after a short time it has to be replaced and the engine oil is thrown into the engine and some sort The other is also added as an additive to the engine oil, and after a certain kilometer, the oil should be replaced.


Restorative supplements

Occasionally, due to inappropriate lubrication of parts such as # Differential, # Gearbox and engine, on their components there is a line and # scratches that cause problems like, creating noise and reducing work efficiency, and more. If these lines are not so deep, they can be repaired with additives added to the lubricant and prevent them from spreading. These additives are based on nanoscience and nanotechnology, which is based on the creation of a very thin layer of ceramic on the walls to repair both scratches and lines, and increase the stability and resistance of the working surfaces.

In the figure below, you see that the dispersing complementary molecules stick to the surface of the contamination and will not allow the deposition and density of these contaminants to be on the interior surfaces of the engine.


مکمل های افزودنی روغن موتور

How to use the oil supplement?

For a while, keep the engine warm and keep it warm. , Then turn off the car . If your car's oil does not exceed the maximum, add the entire supplement to the engine oil. You can immediately turn on the car and wait until the engine is warmed up and the supplement is mixed with the previous oil. It is best to add the fuel supplement during the oil shipment. In this case, ask the technical oil change operator for the amount of supplementary oil Instead, add less fuel to the engine until the oil is added to the oil.


Is the use of motor oil supplements essential?

This maybe one of the most controversial issues between automotive friends and automotive professionals. Whether your vehicle needs an engine oil supplement or any other supplement, such as a gearbox or hydraulic oil supplement, relates to the condition and type of oil used in the system (motor-gearbox-hydraulic).  If you have more than one normal use of your car, Traffic will keep you on the go when you are in a difficult situation or if you have a long-term plan to use your car, then you should use supplements.


A few facts about the engine oil supplement:

Edinol Co. Germany and Top Van Co. of America meet the needs of your car engine for a strong lubricant, by adding special supplements to their products, so there's no need to add auxiliary engine oil.

So be sure to know the features and performance of your engine oil before choosing and purchasing the engine oil, because some companies add the “Do not Add Additive” term on their bottle. The chemical structure of the supplements in the engine oil may be different from the chemical structure of the engine oil, which results in a reduction in the efficiency of the engine oil.

Of course some supplements of existing oils have a short-term therapeutic effect and will not completely eliminate defects. For example, your car's gearbox may make a soothing sound when you change the wheel, which you can do with extra Take care of this problem, but in the end, it's best to get a good mechanic to prevent any serious damage to the gearbox.

If you feel that the engine oil level has dropped significantly, which can be due to the leakage of the engine oil in the combustion chamber and the combustion engine oil, the supplement to prevent leakage of oil may be a major remedy.

If you use a low-grade or miner oil, it is best to use some of the standard engine oil supplements to increase the engine oil efficiency and increase the lubrication of the engine oil.


The other kinds of additive supplements are:

1: Fuel Additive

2: Oil Additive

3: Brake fluid

4: High Mileage additive

5: Multi-functional additive

6: Engine oil


Types of fuel additives

One of the reasons for confusion about the choice of fuel additives is due to various parameters and product combinations. There are various types of fuel additives, and they may not all be suitable for you. Also, the fuel supplements are not miraculous drugs that cover all your needs at once. Each of the additives has the goal of eliminating certain defects. Here are some common types of fuel additives:


Fuel stabilizers:

Octane fuel supplement These fuel supplements are designed to maintain and restore the fuel system to maintain the fuel system's performance and eliminate moisture and corrosion from the system. Generally, using this type of gasoline supplement is improved behind the injectors.


Octane boosters:

This type of supplement is designed to increase the octane level of fuel. They include a lubricant to protect the wear of parts inside the car engine (lead substitute) Injector supplement They are not harmful to the environment. These supplements help burn the fuel and increase its efficiency.


Fuel injector cleaners:

This fuel supplement has been produced to protect fuel injectors from the layered properties of ethanol. In the time of eclipse, fuel injection needles suffer from incomplete combustion. In cold weather and momentary accelerations, this problem is clearly seen with Injector supplements will clean and spray each 5,000-kilogram needle injector nozzles.


Anti-gel diesel additive:

Gasoline combinations include some paraffin that keep solid fuel or gelatin in the fueling system or the fuel filter, and prevents fuel circulation. To avoid this problem, diesel can be used for anti-freeze. Gasoline.

Considering the above text and selecting a quality fuel supplement, you can reduce your costs. If you do not have the right quality fuel, you can use a fuel or octane boost supplement or if you have driven many miles with your car and thought Be slightly ill or do not accelerate. Be sure to use the injector cleaner to relieve the wear and tear of the engine over time.



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