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Ferric Chloride price

kilogram 1000kg
price $0.72 $500.00 - $1,000.00
orders 1 - 1000 > 1000 kg Customized packaging

Types of ferric chloride
Liquid  Ferric chloride is available in tankers in liters, and barrels and gallons in liters.
Powdered Ferric chloride is available in barrels in kilograms.
You can buy these products in small and bulk at the best price depending on your needs. Note that prices vary depending on the weight and type of shipping.
It is also possible to send a purchase request online to purchase this item, and the support team will be with you at every step of your purchase. In areas such as warehousing, transportation, insurance, inspection and evaluation of product quality, etc., make the shopping experience easy and safe for its users.
As a trusted manufacturer and distributor to a large array of industries, elixir supplies Ferric Chloride to various companies for a variety of applications and uses. Our customers depend on elixir for high quality products, a consistent and cost-effective supply of Ferric Chloride price. elixir has a team dedicated to ensuring the quality of the Ferric Chloride we supply.We Distributor of ferric chloride in liquid and powder formulations.  Markets served include industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, bio-augmentation, food processing, mining, military, marine, power generation, research, textile, robotics and wastewater treatment.elixir Distributor of  chemicals including ferric chloride.  dimethyl , methanol, sodium chloride,  and other chemicals are also offered.
Manufacturer of soluble ferric chloride.with bulk or custom packaging also offered.Distributor of  solution of ferric chloride price.packaging. Offers wholesale and retail options for manufacturers, researchers, schools, hobbyists, students, and professionals. Provides 2 to 15 business day shipping period with different options and carriers.Manufacturer and distributor of ferric chloride, Available grades include lump, granular, powder, slurry and micron sized. Packaging options such as pails, paper bags, fiber drums and  bulk bags offered.Ferric chloride  is industrially produced from the reaction of dry chlorine with scrap iron at a temperature of 500 to 700 degrees Celsius. This process is known as direct chlorination. This process is carried out in a reactor with an acid-resistant liner, in such a way that scrap iron and dry chlorine gas react together and during the melting process, Ferric chloride is first formed. The scrap melts at 600°C and oxidizes to Ferric chloride. Then, iron chloride is reacted with chlorine, which is cooled in the cooling chambers. Ferric chloride solubility in 100 cc of zero-degree cold water is about 74.4 grams and in 100 cc of 100-degree hot water, it is about 535.7 grams. This substance is 2.9 grams per cubic centimeter. The color of Ferric chloride crystals depends on the viewing angle With reflected light, the crystals appear dark green, but when exposed to light, they appear reddish-purple. Anhydrous ferric chloride strongly absorbs moisture in the vicinity of air. 

Liquid ferric chloride
The water supply solution of this material is brown in color and has an acidic smell like hydrochloric acid. It is highly corrosive and sometimes there is even a possibility of tissue corrosion. The purity of iron trichloride ranges from 20 to 44%, and its highest consumption is 44% liquid ferric chloride. Liquid ferric chloride in high concentrations has six water molecules (FeCl3.6H2O), which is called 6-water crystal and is yellow in color.

What does the ferric chloride price  depend on? 

The ferric chloride price depends on its volume and quantity, and also the way it is packaged affects the ferric chloride price The type of loading and transportation of also affects the price.

What is ferric chloride used for?

The primary use of ferric chloride is to remove impurities in water and for wastewater treatment.Ferric chloride is also one of the few water treatment chemicals that can sequester odors