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Elixir Company is a supplier of methanol in Iran and the world, a methanol that is remembered as one of the petrochemical products and as a basic product and its importance is increasing day by day in the world.Methanol price produced in Iran is of great importance in influencing methanol price and the future of the industry. He described Iran under construction as important for the future of the industry.Elixir Company is proud to buy methanol price with the guarantee of authenticity and related certificates in the shortest possible time, along with packaging and reasonable prices. Dear ones, you can ask your questions about product inventory and methanol prices, as well as how to inquire about the authenticity of goods and purchase chemicals with our experts.The world is moving towards clean energy, and in the meantime, methanol price is one of the products that is more compatible with the clean energy industry, and fortunately, Iran, with most of its products, is the first in the Middle East.Elixir Company announces its readiness to sell methanol price in all industries at the best competitive. For purchasing methanol and contacting experts, please refer to the Contact Us section.

In order to pack methanol, the manufacturer is required to provide a different container for each methanol unit in milliliters, depending on the length of time the container enters the filling machine. The methanol price in smaller containers is much higher for the supplier and customer because Which spends more time in production and packaging can also supply less product in longer time, in higher volumes but at the same time production time can be saved and more product can be offered that the methanol cost price for the customer It is more economical and reduces the price that can be offered to the customer. With this simple formula, we see that if we divide a 400 liter container and packaging into 40 1 liter containers, we have allocated a large volume of raw materials to the packaging, so the price The cost of methanol will be more. Transportation of bulk and higher volume methanol will cost less and will require less packaging. Also, the price of transport machines is based on weight. Thus, with bulk product, more volume of alcohol can be moved instead of paying more for containers and places, so for example, if we move 10 tons of alcohol with 100 containers for 10,000 We have to consider more trucks per kilogram, which will increase the cost of transportation and reaching the customer. So the price of bulk methanol is always cheaper.The price of methanol depends on the price of coal and oil, and the main reason is the effectiveness of coal in methanol extraction. Meanwhile, our country has no problem in terms of raw material to supply methanol because in terms of abundance of gas is not needed from other countries. As Elixir Company is the largest supplier of methanol in the world, Iran is the largest producer of methanol in the world.Elixir Company offers a wide range of methanol prices for commercial and industrial users. The wide range of prices offered for these products will certainly save a lot of money and increase the profit of the business. Buy and choose the range with amazing methanol prices per liter and offers. Customers can choose from several methanol prices and buy according to their specific needs. These methanol solutions are very pure and are available in food grade, medical and industrial grade to meet a variety of needs. Affordable methanol cost range ensures that all types of jobs can be tailored to individual needs. Depending on the need, these products are available in different packaging sizes and purity can vary depending on the composition.


Methanol is a priority commodity in the Elixir Group, which is marketed through various channels. Elixir Company is the main supplier of methanol. From global suppliers to major European customers. Our central warehouse is in Iran. We deliver the quality produced using raw materials. You can secure payment methods with our prepaid portals and modes. Elixir Company has many years of experience in supplying methanol in Iran. Iran has provided new energy sources by discovering natural gas reserves off the coast of Iran. We are a world leader in leading trade and exporter of high quality and very competitively priced methanol. We provide fast and cost-effective access to all land, sea and train routes to all destinations around the world. We can easily deliver methanol to any destination in the world, including Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. We pack methanol in new steel drums. For major customers who order in bulk, we are able to We design and print custom packaging based on customer needs.

* The question that a buyer asks the seller, what is the  each liter of methanol price?
_ The methanol price based on weight. So when you call the seller, ask him for the price of one kilo and then a barrel or a tanker. These days, due to political changes in the region, prices have fluctuated.

* What is the difference between laboratory methanol and industrial methanol?
_ Laboratory methanol has a higher percentage of purity than industrial methanol and is used for tasks that require higher purity, such as laboratory work and analysis.