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Quantity(tons) 1ton 20ton 50ton
price $350.00 - $400.00 Call after Negotiated
Lead Time (days) 10 Call after Negotiated

The most important feature of formalin price. The relatively reasonable price of this substance compared to similar products has caused poultry farms and hospitals to use this substance for daily and periodic disinfection. It is also widely used for disinfection of hospital, surgical and dental equipment.Elixir Company with many years of experience in the production and packaging of formalin and export of formalin to neighboring countries is able to prepare and prepare all export orders according to your needs. Elixir Company, with the correct knowledge of the market and customer demand, offers formalin in different packages and different prices so that customers have more choice when buying formalin.

Has the formalin price increased?

In this quarter, the formalin price in the USA surged with strong Natural gas and crude oil prices.Surging tension between Russia and Ukraine kept the Formalin price on the upper end in the domestic market.Feedstock Methanol prices surged and exports to European nationsincreased, creating a supply/demand gap, and resulting in a formalin price hike.The surging demand from Building & Construction enterprises pressured the producers to meet the demand from the consumer's end, which elevated the price.The need for Methanol-based fuel and energyvalues also surged this quarter, consequently increasing prices.

What is the use of formalin liquid?

Formalin Liquid 40 is widely used as a disinfectant in poultry houses and hatcheries.It is also used in fisheries as a parasiticide.It can be used as a general disinfectant