Chemical name: Methanol Chemical formula:CH3OH Purity: 99.85% min Density: 0.792 g/cm³ Package Type: 220 Liter Barrel, IBC HS Code: 29051100             CAS No.: 67-56-1
Properties: Pure methanol (also called methyl alcohol) is an important material in chemical synthesis. Its derivatives are used in great quantities for building up a vast number of compounds, among them many important synthetic dyestuffs, resins, pharmaceuticals, and perfumes. Large quantities are converted to dimethylaniline for dyestuffs and to formaldehyde for synthetic resins. It is also used in automotive antifreezes, in rocket fuels, and as a general solvent. Methanol is also a high-octane, clean-burning fuel that is a potentially important substitute for gasoline in automotive vehicles.
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