Chemical name: soya fatty acid diethanolamide Chemical formula: C16-C18 Quality Control Data: Free amine (max) 5% Free fatty acid (max) 0.5% Glycerine(max) 9.5% Ester (max) 8% Package Type: 220 Liter            HDPE Barrel, IBC HS Code: 34021990                                 CAS No: 65425-47-8
Properties: Soya Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide is a nonionic surfactant with good skin compatibility and thickening in presence of salt, oils, fatty alcohols. Soyamide is more suited for Fabric care products, e.g. special detergent and Hard surface care products, e.g. Manual dishwashing, all purpose cleaning. Hand cleaning paste, metal working.  
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